Registration and Prices

Europrobasket European Summer League Registration

For registration please follow the links provided below, and fill out the registration form, on the website, for the program you would like to enroll in. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions: or +34600861733

Below you will find three options for the European Summer League. The One and Two Month Pre-European Summer League Programs provide the player with:

  1. Time to adjust to the time difference, reducing jet lag and leg stiffness due to extended periods of travel.
  2. 23 workouts and practices for the One Month Pre-Summer and 60 Workouts and Practices for the Two Month Pre-Summer Program!
  3. Practices lead by European Professional Fiba Certified Coaches.
  4. Practice Games against Spanish Teams and Inter-Squad Scrimmages.
  5. Learn how to play in Europe by European Professional Coaches.
  6. Learn European Sets, Tactics, and Systems to show your best at the Summer League!

If you are 100% ready to show what you can do, choose just the European Summer League Program.

  •    One Month Pre-European Summer League (€1860)May 25th to June 24th

Prepare yourself for the best senior summer league in Europe. This program will give you a quick overview of European basketball rules, systems, concepts and tactics. It will prepare you physically and mentally for a great showing in front of the many coaches, teams, scouts and managers in attendance for the European Summer League.

Click here to register for this program ⇒ One Month Pre-European Summer League

  • Two Month Pre-European Summer League (€3520) – April 25th to June 24th

Prepare yourself for the best senior summer league in Europe. This program will give you an in depth overview of European basketball rules, systems, concepts and tactics. It will prepare you physically and mentally for a great showing in front of the many coaches, teams, scouts and managers in attendance for the European Summer League.

 Click here to register for this program ⇒ Two Month Pre-European Summer League

  • European Summer League (€995) June 18th to June 24th

Are you looking to get signed to a high level professional team in Europe? Do you have what it takes to play with the best players in the World? Come get an offer before the summer even starts! The end of the season is the time when teams sign their most important players; league leaders and players that take up the largest part of the team’s budget. This is a great time for the most important players on a team to be picked up. Europrobasket’s European Summer League is now the Largest and most diverse Summer League in Europe. If you want to play in front of professional coaches, teams, agents, scouts and team managers, than this is your best bet! Only the best are accepted into this program. Please only apply if you have high level collegiate experience or previous professional experience.

Click here to register for this program ⇒  European Summer League

Important Information

Airfare to and from Spain and transportation to and from the airport are not included in the academy fee.

Players Flying into Barcelona:

Our facilities are located in Girona, Spain about 1 hour North of Barcelona. You have three options to arrive to Girona from Barcelona:

  1. By train – this is the cheapest option. There is a train station in the airport. The cost is around €20-25. Once you arrive to the Girona Train Station, you will need to take a taxi €10 to Hotel Ibis Girona.
  2. Personal pick-up by driver- Europrobasket uses a professional airport transfer service to ensure the comfort and safety of our players. This service can be provided for a €150 fee, paid to the driver in cash upon delivery to the hotel. On pick-up the driver will be waiting for the player outside the baggage claim with a sign that includes our Europrobasket logo and the player’s name. Please advise office staff in advance if you would like this option.
  3. Taxi- this option is the most expensive. Taxies are waiting outside the airport on the curb. You can take one for a €180 fair.

Important: If you will chose to take the train, your flight will need to arrive in the morning or afternoon. Late evening arrivals to Barcelona will not allow you to take a train, due to the last train leaving Barcelona Sants to Girona being at 9:45pm.

Players Flying to Girona Airport:

The airport is about 15 min South of Hotel Ibis Costa Brava. Its best to take a taxi from the airport to the hotel.

The hotel address can be found under the hotel tab or below:

Hotel Ibis Girona: Carrer de Francesc Ferrer i Gironès, 18, 17006 Girona, Spain

Return Flights

Players should look in to open ended tickets so they can be changed without an extra fee once the player is in Spain. Most players will return home after the Summer League to wait for their offers, but some will stay with a team if that respective team has accommodations for players during the summer. Customs officials do not have to let you in to the country if you do not have proof of a return flight. Purchase a one way ticket at your own risk.


All United States and Canadian Citizens traveling to Spain will receive a 90 day tourist visa upon arrival. All players from countries outside the European Union should research to see if you need a visa to enter Europe. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about visas.


Every airline has different rules and regulations regarding the amount of luggage and bags you can bring with you. Make sure you check with your airline to avoid any extra fees.

Lost or stolen bags happen on occasion. Make sure you pack your basketball clothes in your carry on bag or backpack so you will not miss any practices or games due to the airline loosing your luggage. If your luggage is lost, give the airline the hotel information so they can bring it to you once it is located:

Hotel Ibis Girona

Carrer de Francesc Ferrer i Gironès, 18, 17006 Girona


What to Bring

We advise players to bring spending money for transportation to and from airports. You will also need your basketball shoes, braces, pads, and tights for playing. You will receive uniforms for games as well as practice jersey’s, but you will need to bring your own ALL-BLACK BASKETBALL SHORTS for practices. Please bring a few pairs so you can have extras during laundry day.  Summers in Spain are warm so clothes will be shorts and Tee shirts with a light jacket for the night time. Mornings can be a little brisk so some warm-ups could be useful as well. The power plugs are different here but most devices such as: phone chargers, laptops, tablet chargers and other electronics will just need a small and inexpensive adapter that you can pick up at the Shopping Center around the corner from the hotel. Shavers and other electric bathroom grooming products may need a more expensive converter.

Medical Insurance

All players are required to have their own travelers Insurance. This needs to be shown at registration the morning of the 8th of June. You can purchase travelers insurance as an add on to your flight or through a provider online. If you already have a provider in your home country, contact them and ask for coverage in Europe and Spain specifically.


The only currency accepted in Spain is the Euro. Please google it or use an app to find the most up to date conversion. Do not expect to use other currencies in Girona. Exchange your money at your bank at home before you arrive to get the best exchange rate. Another option is to exchange it in the Airport upon arrival. Banks in Girona do not accept exchanges unless you have a bank account with them. Contact your bank to make sure they know about your travels abroad. This way you will be able to use your cards without them being blocked. You will be able to use most atm cards in the atm machines here in Europe. When you withdrawal cash you will receive Euros, usually with a reasonable exchange rate.


The European Summer League is the largest senior Summer League in Europe. We have professional players from all over the world in attendance. We also invite coaches, team managers and representatives from some of the top leagues in Europe. Do not come out of shape. Make a training plan months ahead of time. Make it gradually more difficult. Include cardio, weights and basketball related exercises and drills. Spend hours everyday preparing yourself to show your very best during your time with us. If you dont think you can do this on your own, sign up for one of our Pre-Summer preparation programs. We will design your workouts and push you to be the best you can be.

All Sales Are Final

It is not our policy to give refunds. Make sure when you register and pay, you are 100% certain you will be attending. If you register and pay and are not available to attend in the time you registered, you can change your arrival date to a later time. Please let us know ahead of time, or you will loose your registration and deposit.