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European Summer League and Europrobasket player Christopher Turnquest signed with Club Arenys Basquet after a very successful European Summer League performance. Christopher came to Europrobasket a few weeks before the start of the summer league to train and prepare himself for the opportunity to showcase himself in June. After a few years working a regular job in the Bahamas, Christopher decided to give playing professional basketball one last shot. At the age of 33 he signed with his first European Club. A huge bonus of playing with his new club is that it is the feeder team for a 2nd Division Leb Gold team. They will be keeping an eye on Chris’ performance throughout the season and if they like what they see he could be called up to the 1st team! Congrats Chris, we wish you the best of luck this season!


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European Summer League player Brian Holland had a tryout with Club Basket Sant Josep  Badalona.  He came from a good NCAA DII University but was not given many minutes on the court. With those minutes, stats and film it is nearly impossible to get interest from agents and teams overseas. Brian came to Europrobasket in May 2016 to train for a few weeks before starting the European Summer League which started June 1st 2016. After a very good showing during his time here at the academy he has started receiving interest from teams in Spain. He left to his first tryout since his arrival in Europe. Good luck and keep working hard Brian!

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Two European Summer League players left on tryouts today. They will be trying out for an EBA team that is affiliated with a Leb Gold team. The left today to practice with their team and prepare for a a few games in Andorra, playing against the Andorian National Team. Good luck to Europrobasket and European Summer League players Christopher Turnquest and Connor Tuxford!

Many players get their starts in Europrobasket International Academy. Here are stories of 4 that moved up in this month, March 2016, alone.


Amen Osayande was in the Europrobasket International Academy program in August of last year. He had interest from several different teams and ended up signing with UE Mataro, a 5th division team in the Copa Catalunya league in Spain. Many players think 5th division here in Spain is very low, but the fact is that it has better competition than 1st divisions in a lot of smaller basketball countries. Amen had some solid games with his team and was offered a better deal in Australia playing in the State Leagues there. He is now signed with his team and will start a new season in another country, in another part of the world. Coming from a small NAIA school and now playing professional basketball.



Chae Philips started his program in November of last year. After a successful one month program he was placed on a segunda catalunya team called CB Bescano. That is in the 7th division here in Spain. After just 3 games with his team he was offered a deal with a team in the 5th division, Copa Catalunya. Now playing with CB Castellar Chae had two good games, last one scoring 11pts shooting 4/6, 4rbs with an efficiency rating of 11.



Chris Motten-Jackson is a player that attended the academy in September of last year. He was placed on a lower level team near Valencia. He along with another player JR Johnson have made a HUGE impact on their team. Chris at times scoring over 40 points in a game along with other Europrobasket player sell the gym out. Fans come to watch these two put on a show in their small town. Games are packed and media are their to take the after game reports. Because of his help with his team he is being sent on a tryout in Mexico, his current coach being a National team coach in Mexico for many years is helping with the transaction.



Kollin Hancock is a 29 year old american football player that is actually very talented in both basketball and football. He didnt play basketball in college but instead played football and decided to play basketball after he graduated. He has what it takes to play professionally but needed to show it, so he decided to come to Europrobasket in hopes of starting his professional career. Not easy to do at 29 with no previous experience. He was placed on a 5th division team in Copa Catalunya. This team is a feeder team for the senior team in the well respected EBA league. He is now practicing with the higher division team in hopes of landing a better offer for next season. His game last weekend 24pts, 8rbs, 2asts, 1stl, 27eff, is testament to his hard work and will only put him closer to achieving his goal.


Europrobasket Professional Basketball Spain CollblancEuroprobasket Kollin professional basketball copa catalunya


Josh White is a player that came to the academy with no professional experience. He played NAIA at a smaller school and decided he wanted to play basketball. At 28 years old he came to the academy and was placed on a 5th division team in Plasencia. He destroyed the league and was well on his way to being the MVP of the league. He left his team early due to an offer in South America. Now he will be playing in Columbia for the Liga DirectTV.


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All of these players moved to better situations and professional teams. Not all players can play professional basketball, and not all can go straight to a professional team. They need to get a start somewhere. Europrobasket is the place where you can get your start. Contact us if you are interested in getting your start overseas!

Europrobasket player Michael Balogun left to his new team Óbila Club de Basket for the remainder of the season. Óbila is in the Leb Plata or Leb Silver league in Spain. Michael came to the academy in hopes of signing with a professional team. After just a week with Europrobasket International Academy he was sent to Morocco on a tryout with a first division team. He left due to differences with the team and was then sent to his new team Óbila Club de Basket to help them for the rest of the season. Michael played last season for Arkansas Tech University, NCAA DII. Thanks to partner agent Jose Orts for making the connection and Congrats Michael!!

Michael Balogun Obila Club de Basket Europrobasket

Two openings in Spain for a 4 and a 5
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Player Openings

Europrobasket player Sergi Salamanca signed in Chile’s First Division for the next two seasons. Sergi played in Spain’s EBA league. He had a great season and will now be taking his career abroad to South America. Congrats to Sergi and best of luck next season!!


Europrobasket player Lyndon Jordan signed to play the rest of the season for CB Castellbisbal EBA in Spain. Lyndon played his first game with his new team last weekend with good numbers:

EBA Stat Sheet.PNG

Take a look at this story made by one of the more popular sites for basketball here in Spain:

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Europrobasket’s first head coach Xavi Fernandez just became the head coach of Unigirona Woman’s Euroleague Team, and defending Spanish league champions! Xavi is one of the more well known names in Spanish basketball during his time, having a dominant career as a shooting guard. Playing many years in FC Barcelona and in the Barcelona Olympics, Xavi has gained respect from everywhere in Europe, and the rest of the world. This is a new and very big step in his future as a coach. Congrats on your new position as head coach and good luck with the rest of the season Xavi!!

Unigirona Europrobasket coach professional basketball

European Summer League player Mads Kofod Rasmussen signed a contract in the Portugal First Division (LPB) with Maia Basket Clube! Mads was here in the summer and recieved a lot of interest from many teams in Spain due to his level and his connection with Europrobasket partner agency LUbasket & Sky BasketbAll Sport. Congrats to Mads and good luch with the rest of the season!

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