Welcome to European Summer League Spain

Posted: February 3, 2015 in Summer league

The European Summer League Spain is a professional basketball summer league or professional basketball showcase in Europe. It is brought to you by Europrobasket Professional Basketball Academy. First of all we want to explain a little bit about Europrobasket. Europrobasket is a year round academy dedicated to training, developing and placing players on teams in Spain and throughout the World market. The academy specializes in placing players in their first jobs overseas. We have top notch player accommodations and a world class arena to practice and play games in. Europrobasket is a one stop shop for any professional basketball player. Weather you want to get your first job and make a name for yourself, improve your salary, enter a new market, get into shape for a season or just experience what it takes to be a pro, Europrobasket can help you. We are a Professional Basketball Showcase that goes all year. Basketball is a year round sport, even though it is played in seasons, training and preparation is year round. We provide a place for guys to prepare themselves for a professional team while being showcased to team managers, coaches and agents. Get recent game film every week playing against Spanish teams. We will send it to agents and teams as can you.

European Summer League Spain is a week long Professional Basketball Exposure Camp that showcases players to teams in Spain and throughout Europe. It will be during one of the busiest transfer periods in Europe to give guys the best chance of getting picked up. Teams throughout Spain, Portugal and France will be in attendance. Agents that represent players in countries all over the world will also be in attendance. The goal of this camp is to give guys the opportunity to be seen by multiple teams and agents at once. The location of the event is essential to its success. One hour North of Barcelona and one hour South of the French boarder, hundreds of teams are within a few hours of the Exposure Camp. European Summer League Spain is a players best shot at getting seen. Stay for and extra day or two and enjoy the beautiful town of Girona and surrounding beaches.




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