European Summer League Spain

Posted: February 8, 2015 in Summer league

Thank you for visiting the site of European Summer League Spain. This site is under construction at this time but will be up and running shortly. The European Summer League Spain is going to be held the months of June and August. We have invited teams and agents from all over Europe to attend. It will be the best European Summer League in Europe this year! If you are looking for a team, this is the camp to attend. You will have practices and games everyday to showcase your skills in front of teams, coaches and agents from all over the world. The best way to get picked up by a European team is to be in Europe playing in front of that team. Come before hand if you would like to prepare yourself with our academy team. You want to look your best when the time comes. Europrobasket has a team of players at the academy year round, because basketball training and preparation is year round. There are many leagues in the World that start in the Summertime and we want our guys to be ready for a tryout as soon as they get one. Come take advantage of a great opportunity to be seen. Stay tuned for updates!!


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